Whiteboard has two (2) types which are magnetic and the non-magnetic.



A whiteboard is an innovation of a blackboard, a whiteboard is smoother, and a glossy white surface which is made of a material where dry erase colored markers can write on. It is known for other names like wipe board, marker board, and many more terms. In mid-1990s whiteboards reached its highest popularity that it became one of the must-have in offices where daily meetings and lots of conferences are held. To retain the best whiteboard, proper maintenance should always be taken.



Magnetic whiteboards aside from its write and wipe functions it also has magnetic features that you can post some note, memos etc. Non-magnetic on the other hand is the typical write and wipe board.


As whiteboard is an essential fixture in an office, it makes it subject to over usage for a long period and it will come to a point that it will reach its wear and tear status. Don’t worry because whiteboard can still be restored. To restore it you should do these.


First, make sure that its eraser is clean and free of any marker dust by vacuuming and brushing. Second, always erase the whiteboard with its dry eraser to avoid staining of the marker, Third, clean it with a whiteboard cleaner and soft towel or paper towel. Fourth, spray it with light oil or the WD-40.


Fifth, use a fresh rag clean the WD-40 off and wipe the whole board surface. Lastly, to check if your restoration work, test by making a little marks on the corner; wait for up to 15 minutes before wiping off the said mark. If the said mark is wiped off easily then your board has been restored. And if not, then it is time to buy a new one