Well, just like any other tool, it has its pros and cons.

Why Social Rabbit is Best for Promotion – Some Real Reviews

What is social rabbit plugin? It is a plugin that will serve as a tool to promote your business to all the social media platforms. You call it your advertisement tool, promotion tool, whatever you call it; the main purpose is to boost your business’ market reach.Pros of this plugin is it enables  your social media to have many followers as this plugin makes these Social Rabbit plugin active. Not only that but it also makes your social media updated since the social rabbit plugin has a schedule post feature. So even if you are physically not active to do the post but the plugin is there to do it for you anytime. Cons, on the other hand, is if your content is not properly created and made into a generic content it could post a picture and content that are not related to each other and it could give your social media platforms a bad presentation.  So to avoid the cons, proper content and image uploading should be carefully and critically done.



Here are some of the Social Rabbit Reviews from satisfied customers:

  • If before an individual has to spend all day just to write posts, photos, and video edits,

profit and statistic checking…. Now, a social rabbit can do it so an individual can do

some other activities he/she wants.

  • This plugin gives an individual more ‘Me” time and provide lots of traffic to a person’s


  • Having a business that has a small budget but with many tasks is overwhelming for

the employees. With a small budget, the idea of hiring new employees is out of the

question. Thus, current employees always do double time just to finish all tasks relating

to marketing and somehow left behind some tasks. Thanks to social rabbit plugin, the

task of marketing and promotion is taken over by it, thus, give time to the employees to

do some other tasks that could improve the company’s profitability.