Litter Genie Refill Alternative Option for Kitty Litter Issues

How is your kitty litter?

All cat owners understand that kitty litter or having a litter box inside their house is extremely important. Without which, you may experience a different, powerful and foul odor inside your home because your cat left her or his poop somewhere. You wouldn’t want that to happen that is the reason you want to some kitty litter.

However, there are many kitty litters, or even most of these are entirely disposable. You know that disposable sorts of things can be very pricey and you would not want to spend extra money on that. That means you should find an alternate to kitty litter genie which can be used again, and therefore you don’t have to dispose of more of them every month.

The Solution to your kitty litter problems

If you know or you may have a litter genie, you know that that particular machine makes things very convenient for you.



It also has the clutter genie refill alternative to help you avoid the following:

• The dilemma of changing and cleaning litter boxes frequently.

• Disposing of more kitty litter daily depending on how many times your furry friend would pee and poop.

• The time spent cleaning the litter box, washing and substituting the kitty litter.

The cause of this is due to the fact that the refill alternative of litter genie is not a clay form clutter, but they are produced from granules. This will give the kitty the gratification to dig, poop and cover.

Because the litter genie is totally automatic, it creates a rotating cycle which washes away the waste from the litter, rinses it, drains and leaves it clean.

The Benefit

This machine or device has an excellent benefit for people that are constantly on the go. The litter genie functions alone.