If you are an avid fan of Persona, this is a must-read.



This will give you some tips and guidelines to play Persona 5 where you can fully maximize your spare time and be aware as well of various rules.


Persona 5 is more of time game, thus, time management is what you really need to be not get caught in a time trap. The first thing that you should do is to always think and take time to come up with the best strategy plan, what are your options, what is it that you want to reach or your target goal. With that careful plan, you can enjoy Persona without thinking too much of what to do next when confronted with situations.


Build your network. There are characters in the game that you will encounter during your spare time, they are called Confidants. Build as many confidants as you can and get to know them to give you an idea of what they can offer.


Do some unique activities that will help to boost your social statistics. To increase every particular stat it has its equivalent unique activity. Example, to increase your Knowledge, when it rains you have to study in a resto/diner.

One way of increasing your social network rank is the persona 5 confidant gifts. Luckily, you can now give gifts to confidants and quickly advance your relationship to a higher level.


Bring with you a book so that wherever you are you can always have the time to read. In Persona 5, books can increase your social stats as these add to the effects of new activities and make available other areas on your map.


Always remember the cover. It will shield you from the enemy and take you away with just a tap when an opponent gets close.