If you are an aspiring artist and a talented individual.



There are many record labels in the industry. Armada Music are considered as the two of the giant companies when it comes to record labels. These are the top companies considered by most talented individuals to submit their creation to and have the chance to be signed up into a contract by either one of these giants.

When you send a track, creation, demo material or whatever you call it to any of the record label companies, it does not mean that you are going to be signed up into a contract right away because it still depends on the quality of your work and the x-factor it will bring to the market. Which means you will not be bound by a contract when you submit your demo material. Therefore, you can submit to many companies at the same time using the same piece. And if it happens that the two giant companies like Armada Music and Spinnin’ Records both like your creation and wants to sign you up, then lucky you, because you will have the power to negotiate for a higher price and get to choose who is the best for you.


the best thing for you to do is to submit to as many record labels as you can because by doing so you increase your chances of being chosen by one of the companies you have submitted your creation to. You can also have the opportunity to let your creation be heard by many. And if luck is on your side, even if you will not get signed up into a contract and these companies happen to like your creation, they will be putting your track in their platform so others can hear of it.