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Whatever industry it is, whatever product and service and whatever experience or field of research it is, there is at least one accomplishment or symbolism which has a nationalsemblance economicdominance andindustrial transcendence among all its contemporaries.

And India is not only known for its Taj Mahal, colorful saris, spicy curries, Bengal tigers and affordable phone manufacturers but they also have their fair share of medical achievements throughout history.

Home Of Breakthrough Discovery And Emergence Of Cosmetics

India Is popularly known because of its own contributions. Achievements that created historic innovations and medical techniques changing landscapes and getting the global standard which forall most of us understand, United States is especially known for.India has its very own prestigious world-record accomplishment that people should commend.More info – https://nearmetrade.com/search/hair-transplant/jaipur-rajasthan-india

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These breakthroughs are:

· New technique in neurosurgery. One of India’s innovative neurosurgeonDr. AtulGoelof Mumbai India has developed a method that is becoming a worldwide standard in basilar invagination. This technique was designed and called atlantoaxialfacetal distraction and craniovertebral realignment.

· The quick insect identification method. Combattingthe vicious strain of antimicrobial resistance that is namedNew Delhi metallo- betalactamase1 created by Dr. Raman Sardana of Indraprastha Apollo Hospitalhas attracted India its initial MALDITOF-Vitek automated microbial identification system that examines molecular signature of the specimen.

· The changing eye color permanently. Considered as the largest medical breakthrough of 2012,Dr. ShibuVarkeyperformed the India’s first permanent eye color change in Trichy, with small silicone implants facing the eye that naturally unfold and cover the iris. This permanent eye color comes in grey, blue and green different shades.

The Development of dermatology in India as it isestablishing itself as a country with all theGreatest dermatologistis another accomplishment, as it could pose a serious threat in medical tourism against recognizable nations like South Korea and Thailand who advocates this type of cosmetic tourism within their country.