Choose the one that is made of breathable materials.

WHAT IS A WEIGHTED BLANKET and How it can help an individual?


Blankets are made to shield an individual from cold, thus, making you as comfortable as you can feel. Here comes a kind of blanket that is made to not only shield you from cold but provides therapy and soothing feeling as well. Weighted blanket calms your mind, relaxes your body and gives you a good quality of sleep simply because of its gentle pressure that is evenly distributed across your whole body. This has pellets and glass beads sewn evenly so the weight is distributed properly throughout the blanket.


Be informed that most weighted blankets come in different sizes and weights. So when buying one you must make sure that you will choose the one suitable for you. The first thing you should do is to know your weight before buying one.  The weighted blanket must weigh 10% of your body weight. Aside from weight specification, you must also take into consideration the material used in the weighted blanket.


Weighted blankets have some medicinal effect on some individuals who are suffering from certain disorders. These blankets are necessary for those who are suffering from insomnia, stress, severe anxiety, autism, and other related behavioral disorders. These blankets promote good sleep and relaxation due to deep touch pressure (DTP). Deep touch pressure is about applying gentle pressure to the body to release a chemical called serotonin which promotes relaxation. DTP strengthens a person’s nervous system.


There are a lot of manufacturers of Canadian Weighted Blankets. Here are some of them:



YnM Weighted Blanket

Weighted Idea Weighted Blanket

Hypnoser Premium Weighted Blanket

Zonli Calm Weighted Blanket

Hiseeme Weighted Blanket


These companies use amazing quality materials that prove great value for your money. They are offering a wide range of weighted blankets to suit your personal needs.