Before you engage in applying to a certain post.



To be able to land a Govt jobs in india is considered a prestigious opportunity. Being an employee of the Indian government is equivalent to high salaries and stable tenure of service. There are numerous exams that an individual has to go through before landing a job in a government post, that is, if you were able to excel among other competitors as this post is the most coveted by the jobseekers.  Even if the competition is really stiff and difficult, the youths in India are still dreaming to land a post in the government as this offer a challenge to them and this will give them the authority depending on the position that they will have.  you need to first know their category by group and what salary and benefits are given to a certain group category or you can also categorize it as grade group category.

First is Grade A / Group A with levels from fifteen (15) to twenty (20). This group category belongs to the top of the hierarchy as officials and managerial posts belong to this grade. The salary bracket is from Rs 37,000 to almost 100,000 Indian Rupee and can go up to Two Hundred Fifty Indian Rupee.


Second, is Grade B / Group B with levels six (6) to nine (9) and levels ten (10) to fourteen (14) for non-gazetted and gazetted respectively. Gazetted employees are those whose name appears on the Gazette of India or another government gazette. Gazetted officers are entitled to issue government stamps which are the opposite of Non-Gazetted.


The third is Grade C and D / Group C and D with levels one (1) to five (5). Employees in this category belong to numerous non-supervisory functions and non-administrative posts these employees have the chance to advance to a higher position.